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Åkersberga Church

An ambitious church whose goal is to be truly sustainable, in all of its areas of activity. We are working on a redevelopment in two phases. The first phase includes an interior renovation and reconstruction with focus on areas for social community. A completely new choir hall is also added. The second phase will include a new garden with vegetable cultivation and A greenhouse for ceremonies. 


The existing building is classified as an especially valuable building. The renovation of the interior and the new add-ons meet high standards of adaptation to the existing brick architecture. Efforts have also been made to reuse material and to really evaluate every change in the floorplan. In respect to the existing building but also to save material and money.

This is a Greenhouse Living project.

Client: Österåkers pastorat. Åkersberga Kyrkliga Centrum

Status: First phase under development. Expected completion, winter 2024.

Illustrations/photos: greenhouse living

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