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The Oak

In the oak forests, at the edge of Ekrums Golf courses located in Western Öland are we drawing 57 apartments contained in 10 city villas of 3 different types. Apartments with good living qualities and nice views. Every building contains between 6-7 apartments of varying size, everything from compact two-rooms to luxurious penthouse apartments with private rooftop terraces. The stairs are constantly located outside which contributes to compact stairwells with only elevators and landings. The stairs also create a wayward character and variation in the exterior design. The Facades are dressed in wooden paneling in rough relief and each house exterior is colored monochromatically in 3 earthly, matte colors.


Building permits were granted in June 2021. The project is under construction (autumn 2022).

Client: West Estate Living AB / Hansa Bygg.

Projekt – The Oak – West Estate

Renderings: Comotion kommunikationsbyrå

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