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Fjätervålen Skiresort

In collaboration with AIX arkitekter we worked together to develop the winning proposal in a parallel commission on the urban plan for "The most sustainable ski resort in Scandinavia", in December 2018. Our client Serneke owns the Fjätervålen ski resort and presented very ambitious sustainability goals for the development of the resort. The proposal is based on an expansion strategy in 3 stages. The comission for the urban planning was assigned to our team and we just had time to start it before there was a longer break due to the pandemic.
Greenhouse Living - responsible sustainability
Greenhouse Living was in the team for the excellence in terms of the proposal's Sustainability aspects. We launched a completely car-free urban plan with the "ski-street" as a centerpiece. All houses are built in wood, all roofs are covered by solarcells, we also propose a local sewage treatment plant with the latest cycle technology. Our proposal also includes an increased degree of self-sufficiency with local vegetable cultivation in greenhouses on wooden parking decks. 


This is a Greenhouse Living project.


Client: Serneke

Status: The Project is in a planningphase.

Illustrations: AIX arkitekter, Tailor Made/Greenhouse Living


Fjätervålen - development of ski resort | Serneke

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