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The Naturhus Concept

A Naturhus consists of 3 parts:

A Greenhouse
A Corehouse
An eco-cycle system 

The greenhouse creates a Mediterranean climate around the hou-
se with fantastic outdoor spaces. The greenhouse allows for a closed local cycle of plants that absorb the nutrients in the wastewater and turn it into fruits and vegetables. A naturehouse entails a luxurious living, low energy consumption and ecology in practice. The inhabi-tants is surrounded by natural materials, year-round flowering roses, wine, kiwi, apricot, figs, almonds and peach. The patios around the house are used from early March to late October. The greenhouse pro-tects humans and the core house from rain, snow and wind and the insulated house can be built more easily and with great freedom.

The vision is a sustainable building that produces food, instead of waste. A house that generates energy instead of just consuming it and finally, introduce reflection and learning about what you eat and what you flush down the drain. What you flush down comes back to your own eco-cycle system and into the tomatoes your children eat for breakfast.
A sustainable architecture that promotes a truly sustainable lifestyle. 

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