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Rodarve Naturhus

On eastern Gotland, a private greenhouse villa is planned for a small family who are interested in agriculture and self-sufficiency.

The small greenhouse is centrally built into the plan with direct access from several rooms. The client had a desire to live close to the greenhouse, so that the view of the green area was visible in almost the entire house.

Wood is used as a framework for the greenhouse. At the top of an L-shaped entrance level there is a large roof terrace covered with a simple uninsulated roof. This will be useful for future extensions of the living room and can be used as extra space for any number of purposes. The uninsulated parts of the home are a cheap way to add qualities and extra volume. It can be made either as a greenhouse or as a wooden structure with windows that have the qualities of an indoor-outdoor space.

This is a Greenhouse Living project.

Client: Private

Status: Built in 2020

Photo: Client

Illustrations: Tailor Made

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