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Season 5

Season 5 is a  modular Urban Food production system, that combines space efficient fish farming with high efficient vegetable production in greenhouses into one integrated package. A scalable and spatially flexible system developed to fit in to a big variety of dense, urban situations. From a corner of a housing block to the top floor of a parking garage.

Urban fish farm + Roof top Greenhouse:
Shipping containers contains the urban fishfarm. The modular fish farm is designed to be scalable and consists of “lines” independent of each other. It can be scaled up or down (2,3,4 lines etc) depending on site conditions and the investment budget. The containers are placed on simple plinths to reduce foundation costs and clad in an insulated “skin” with a nicely designed wood-façade with doors and lids that can meet high design standards of an urban site.

On top of the containers we place a high efficient, hydroponic, vegetable cultivation. Here we have good natural light conditions to reduce the use of energy to artificial lights. 2 types of cultivation techniques are used: hydroponic towers for herbs like basil, parsley etc and hydroponic beds for tomatoes. Both are watered with nutrient rich 28 deg fish water from the fish farm to ensure maximum harvest to a minimum environmental impact. The rooftop and one side of the containers are covered with a woodframe greenhouse. The greenhouse contains the vegetable cultivation, a “greenhouse classroom” for meetings and pedagogical activities and a “public greenhouse” with a fish + vegetable shop for direct sales of here-grown food to people living and working nearby.

The season5 cuts the delivery chains and bring food to the consumers and makes the production of food present in the city. The aim is to present good food to the consumers with a lower cost to the oceans and the overall environment. And, at the same time, contribute to a more pleasant, small scale, green and meaningful urban environment.

The project is a winning entry of the International Open Innovation competition; Urban Food from Residual heat

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