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Uppgrenna Naturhus

SPA and conference building in Uppgränna, north of Gränna with a mile-wide view of Lake Vättern and Visingsö. An existing falu red barn is demolished and replaced by a modern building with a ground floor partly buried in the slope. The upper entrance level consists partly of an insulated building and partly of an unheated greenhouse that extends over the entire roof with space for plantations, and protected terraces with miles of view and with an internal climate corresponding to northern Italy.

The exterior is inspired by traditional barn architecture with its simple gates and shutters. All windows and doors are provided with openable doors in the same rough, falu-red panel as the wall. It creates dynamics for the facade and reduces heat radiation when the house is not in use.

The greenhouse enables a closed local cycle with plant beds that purify and absorb the nutrients in the wastewater and convert it into fruit and vegetables. The house does not require connection to municipal sewer.

The project was carried out in close collaboration with the consulting group Greenhouse Living, which develops sustainable concepts around greenhouse housing.

The project was built and inaugurated in June 2015.

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